Clients Resposibilities


Collinstown Business Park,

Old Airport Rd, Cloghran,

Co. Dublin.

Tel: (086) 812 1988/820 9828

Fax: (01) 842 8401



Client’s Responsibilities

In order to provide the company’s representative with the site, the client will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing the site access.

  • Any excavations found to be necessary for the purpose of carrying out the survey and their subsequent re-instatement.

  • Ensuring that manhole and chamber covers are located and available for lifting prior to work commencing.

  • The client shall assist the contractor where possible in removing parked cars or other mobile obstructions to facilitate carrying out of the survey.

  • The client shall provide a clear copy of the plans in addition with an electronic drawing of the area to be surveyed.

  • Lenmar Service Location & Mapping is not responsible for subsequent damage to un-located services. Lenmar Service Location & Mapping will endeavour to locate all service within the target area using the current methods and equipment but do not guarantee that all services will be detected.